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V60 Kit and Coffee Gift Bundle, plus something for you
V60 Kit and Coffee Gift Bundle, plus something for you

V60 Kit and Coffee Gift Bundle, plus something for you

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If we remember 2020 for anything positive, let's remember it for being the year when people learned to make amazing coffee at home. This V60 kit gives you everything you need so that you can get the very best out of our single origin coffees, and it makes an amazing gift.

We'll send the kit out with a bag of our Brazilian single origin and a bag of our Ethiopian single origin. We've selected these because they're at opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to flavour: the Brazilian is a traditional chocolate-and-nuts type coffee, whereas our Ethiopian coffee is much more delicate, fruity, and floral. Both delicious, both distinctive. Tell us if you want it ground or left whole. 

A great gift, shipped to your door for free. All you need to do is wrap it up nicely and hide it away until the big day!

When do you want it?

If you want it for yourself or you need to give it to somebody in the next couple of weeks, then choose for us to send it to you immediately and it'll go out with our next roast on Mondays. 

If you want to send it out for Christmas, then we'll send it out in the week beginning 7th December 2020 so that the coffee is as fresh as possible for the lucky recipient!

Something for you

Until the end of November, if you buy this kit then you'll receive a discount code for 15% off our coffee in December 2020 and January 2021.  

Package contains:

  • V60 Kit:
    • 1x 02 Plastic V60 Dripper
    • 1x 600ml Server
    • 1x Pack of 40 (02) filter papers
    • 1x Scoop

  • 1 x 250g of Brazilian Eagle Monte Carmelo (Women's Project)
  • 1 x 250g of Ethiopian Bire Shembo