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The Casuals and Friends - Multi-Roaster Subscription

The Casuals and Friends - Multi-Roaster Subscription

Coffee by the Casuals and Friends
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Multi-Roaster Subscription from Coffee by the Casuals

This is our multi-roaster subscription. Every month we will ship out 2 x 250g bags – one will be one of ours, and one will be another fantastic roaster that we think deserves some love. No competition, no rivalry – just delicious coffee.

We’ve not seen roasters sell other people’s coffee. To a large extent I guess that’s obvious – if you’re in the business of roasting coffee and you’re good at it, then why would you give exposure and turnover to a competitor? We look at things with a different perspective.

For us, part of the joy of the rabbit hole of speciality coffee is experiencing the unique sourcing and roasting skill of different roasters and never having the same exact experience twice. As a roaster we can either contribute to just half of that equation, or we can bring the full experience to our customers by refusing to pretend that we are – or will ever be – the be all and end all of speciality coffee and bring others to the forefront.

What we're offering

So, that’s all to say that this is the offer:

  • 2 x 250g bags shipped each month. Shipping is included in the price.

  • You can sign up for a single month, but it's cheaper if you sign up to a subscription. If you do subscribe then you have full control and you can pause or cancel at any time. 
  • Bags will be wholebean only. Sorry - we just can't guarantee that the roaster will be able to fulfil our request for various grinds.

  • One bag will always be roasted by Coffee by the Casuals. One bag will be from any roaster in the UK as selected by us.

  • We won’t select from the major UK roasters. There’s far more fun to be had in the little nooks and crannies of the coffee scene.

The guest for December - Ngopi

This is our second month and we're going a little closer to home by featuring Ngopi.

When I talk about Ngopi with people I always say the same thing: I avoided it for six months because I thought it was gimmicky, but after I gave it a go I learned that it is both authentic and fantastic.

Ngopi specialises in Indonesian coffee. That’s why I thought it was gimmicky. Monsooned Malabar and dark-roasted “Java”? No thank you.

But how wrong I was, because Ngopi are at the complete opposite side of the spectrum. I was absolutely blown away when I tried their coffees, because they are so far away from the traditional Indonesian flavour profiles. It’s true speciality coffee, directly traded with the connections that husband and wife team Birama and Elmira have made back home in Indonesia.

Ngopi’s coffees attract a premium price for a very good reason, so this is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on some great value beans just before Christmas. They have been hit hard by these lockdowns so we want to encourage our customers to support them. But let's be absolutely clear here: they've been chosen on merit. 

How will it work?

We probably need at least 15 people per month to make this work because of minimum order quantities. If, for some reason, we have to cancel a month (or the whole idea) then you will get a full refund for anything unfulfilled, and we'll process it as soon as we're possible able. 

At this stage we're calling it a subscription, but we can't promise it'll go beyond the first month at this stage because we need to gauge demand. At this stage we plan to run the second month to ship on 17th December. 

What's the deadline for this month, and when will it ship?

All orders must be in by 23:59 on 11th December 2020. We can't make exceptions I'm afraid, because the guest roaster will need to fulfil our order.

We will then look to ship on or before Thursday 17th December 2020, in order to try and get it out before Christmas as per Royal Mail guidelines. 


If you want to know anything else then please email gareth@coffeebythecasuals.com.