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**NEW** Muduku (Microlot)
**NEW** Muduku (Microlot)

**NEW** Muduku (Microlot)

Coffee by the Casuals
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Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Almond, Vanilla, Cherry (Filter)

Kirsch, Dark Chocolate, Treacle (Espresso)

Suitable for: Espresso and Filter (Light-Medium Roast)

(Psssssst - rest this one for 14 days before making your first coffee. It needs it.)

This is our first coffee from Uganda, and we're really proud that it's drawn from a microlot of just 38 sacks from a project that is striving to increase transparency in the Ugandan coffee trade.

The Coffee Gardens began with a small pilot in 2017 to see if conditions could be improved so that Ugandan arabica coffee could be marketed internationally. The quality of this coffee suggests that the project has been a wild success, and we hope it's reflected in your cup.

The coffee in this micro-lot is produced by the farmers on the mountain above The Coffee Gardens’ washing station. Many farmers transport the coffee cherries down to the processing station and earn additional income. The contributing farmers are enrolled in The Coffee Gardens’ off-season training, covering a range of courses including good agricultural practices, agroforestry and financial management. Farmers also received fruit, shade and fast-growing tree seedlings.

Want to see one of the guys who grew this coffee? Well, here's Fred!