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Coffee by the Casuals
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Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: RaspberriesBlackberries, and Black Tea

Suitable for: Espresso and Filter (Medium to Light Roast)

This coffee is amazing, I don't think I've ever had anything quite like it. The first sip of the Aeropress was a "wow" moment, and it's been my morning go-to for nearly a month at the time of writing. There's a real clarity of flavour and sweetness in this coffee despite its delicacy.

I tried filter first and thought "this'll be no good as espresso", but I was dead wrong. Again, I don't think I've ever had anything like this as espresso. As a little bit of booziness to the notes, and a feint little honeycomb after-taste. Calvin gets something resembling the syrupy sweetness of pineapple through when he drinks it, and I see where he's coming from.

Kahondo village is located in the Isale region of Nord-Kivu (North of Lake Kivu), on the edge of Virunga National Park, bordered by Uganda to the east. The region has excellent conditions for speciality arabica production with plentiful rainfall, high altitude and highly fertile volcanic soils. The region is also very poverty stricken and has had a severe lack of infrastructure, which has made high quality arabica both difficult to produce and very challenging to export. 

Kahondo Coffee Washing Station is one of seven washing stations belonging to Virunga Coffee Company, setup by Schluter (now Olam Specialty Europe) in 2012 to produce high quality coffees for the speciality market and increase premiums for the thousands of smallholder farmers in the region.