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We're shutting it down! Sort of...

We've been delighted by the response we've had to our fledging business. Many of you have put your faith in us, sight unseen, and bought coffee that you've told us is better than pretty much anything you've ever bought before. We've been so pleased to hear how much you're enjoying it.

However, we can do better. We know we can. We've got a list of things that we're working on that you can find here, but the biggest improve we can make is in the quality of the beans themselves. Therefore, on 1st October we went and collected a brand new shiny roaster. Here it is:


We're going to need some time to get to grips with it, and so we're taking everything off sale until we can be sure we're up to speed. Then we'll be back with a vengeance and ready to crank out delicious roast after delicious roast.

If you've purchased from us then thank you so much for your support. If not, then we hope you'll give us a go after our hiatus. Please join our mailing list at the bottom of this page so that we can update you with a special offer when we start roasting again.

Until then, keep it casual!
Gareth and Calvin