Currently Experiencing difficulties with our Roaster. Check back next week for an update!

First Roasting Date - 5th September 2020

In early August we cupped lots of different samples and picked five that we thought stood out. About a fortnight ago they arrived and we've been figuring out the best way to roast each of them. This is as good a time as any to announce that our first roasting date will be Saturday 5th September 2020!

This has been a long time coming, and nobody is more happy about it than us. Lockdown really set us back a few months, as you can see in our earlier post here

But we're now up and running and we're ready to spend the next few weeks getting our coffee tasting the best it can be and letting you get your hands on it for the first time.

A few things for you to know:

  • We will open the online shop for orders on Friday 28th August 2020. 

  • We will be roasting every Saturday only for the foreseeable future. 

  • We will be roasting to order. Orders received by 8.00am each Saturday will be roasted on that Saturday. Orders received after that time will roll over to the next week.

  • We can send you coffee as whole beans or ground for various filter methods. We recommend you buy the beans whole and grind as you use them. The beans will remains fresher for longer. 

  • Shipping will be charged at whatever it costs, with free shipping for orders over £25. 

  • We have not yet figured out how to send a single bag at a cost-effective rate. Sorry! We suggest either clubbing together with a mate to split shipping, or just embrace the addiction and stock up!

    On a serious note: you would be surprised how quickly you can get through 250g. For Gareth that would be about 15 shots of espresso, or roughly five days' worth. A bit more for filter coffee. 

We would just like to say a massive thank you for your support and kind words through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We know that there is a lot of people who are rooting for us to succeed. 

To help us on our way, it would be great if you could do one (or more, if you're so inclined to be so kind) of the following:

  1. Re-tweet, share, and generally spam our stuff all over the internet.

  2. Drop a message to your friends and family to see how they're doing, and casually drop in that there's a new coffee roastery that sounds alright. And you can also tell them that money from every bag goes to local grassroots initatives. 

  3. Let your local independent coffee shop know that we exist and that we'd love to have a chat with them.

  4. Let your local farm shop/deli/zero-waste store know that we exist and we'd love to have a chat with them, too. 

  5. Finally, if you like the sound of what we're offering then we would be honoured and flattered if you would use your hard-earned cash to buy some of our delicious coffee. 

If you have any questions, feedback, or encouraging remarks then it would be great to hear from you. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek at our forthcoming releases. 

Casually yours

Gareth and Calvin