It's official - we're back! First roasting date is 5th September 2020. Click here for more info.



We've probably never been asked these questions, but we figured they'll probably comes eventually - so here you go.

Can we come to roastery to collect our coffee?

Not just yet. This is something that we're working on, but because the roastery isn't set up for visitors we need to plan how this can take place. Also, it's a really bad idea to move concentration from the roaster to a visitor - there's only a couple of minutes' difference between delicious coffee and burnt ash.

Why do you only roast once per week?

As it stands our output is at a level where it can be comfortably managed on one day per week, so to keep our overheads - and our prices - down we batch it all on one day. As and when we need more time to fulfil orders we'll make more time.