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Birmingham Coffee Shops

Birmingham has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to coffee and lunch choices. Some are near the County Court on Bull Street, and others are near to New Street Station. Here’s a selection:

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Near the County Court

Wayland’s Yard 

This is the second shop after the success of the first that opened in Worcester. Wayland’s Yard gave me a great hideaway every morning during my pupillage.

Great coffee all round. My go-to is their single origin flat white. Breakfast and brunch options abound, with eggy crumpets with halloumi my easy favourite.

I’ve seen it go from manageably quiet to incredibly busy at lunchtimes since it opened a couple of years ago. If you want a quick lunch you might want to go elsewhere, but if you’re finished for the day and want to decompress then you’ll get a seat after a short wait.

The Steam House

A bagel shop first and a coffee shop second. It’s a newcomer serving a variety of filled bagels, with a decent offer of a classic bagel plus hot drink for £5. A better option for grab-and-go since there isn’t much there in the way of seating.

200 Degrees

Moving away from artisanal and more towards mega-chain is 200 Degrees, based on Colmore Row (and nearer to Snow Hill Station). All the usual coffee hits, with a limited food menu consisting of sausage rolls and frittatas with salads, together with some sandwiches. A good number of seats should mean you have a decent chance of a good sit down at lunch time.

Boston Tea Party

BTP is opposite the Magistrates’ Court a short walk from the County Court. Again, it gets reasonably full at lunchtime as a result of its prime position for lawyers looking for some lunch.

I favour BTP more for its food choice than for its coffee offerings, though both are better than any of the big chains. Be warned – the whole company was brave enough to dispense with disposable takeaway cups altogether, and so you either need to bring your own or participate in their deposit scheme if you want a coffee to go!

Near New Street Station 


This independent shop probably makes the best coffee in Birmingham, and almost certainly has the best cakes and pastries as well – all baked in-house in the open plan bakery right next door.

You’ll struggle to sit down with your laptop for too long here – the desks and benches are too small to be comfortable. But, if you want to grab a takeaway coffee, or if you’re happy to just sit and people watch for a while then Faculty is your best option on your way to or from New Street Station.

***BREAKING NEWS*** Faculty's has just posted on Twitter to say that it is now serving sandwiches and savouries baked in-house! This is a game-changer, and I'll report back ASAP...

Yorks Café and Coffee Roasters

Yorks is about 100 yards from New Street Station and to the left as you walk out of the station, right at the end of the tramline. It’s been a little while since I ventured there on a lunchtime and so I can’t tell you what sort of space you’ll find. However, you will get a decent selection of coffee roasted on-site, and an interesting brunch menu including Arabian buttered eggs!