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About Us

We're coffee lovers. Simple. Just like for you, coffee is our go-to when we need a jumpstart first thing in the morning. It's our drink of choice when we meet with colleagues, customers, and clients to do business. It's our weekend treat when we catch up with family and friends. When coffee plays such a big part in our daily lives, it needs to be something special. That's what we want to bring to you.

All over the UK there are fantastic roasters and coffee shops that serve up delicious drinks all day every day. But where we live we're in a bit of a coffee desert. The big chains are here; but the over-roasted, bitter, and ashy coffee they serve up is not our thing. It could all be so much better!

So we've decided to do something about it. We've started roasting our own coffee - one kilo at a time - right here in Walsall. We want to be local heroes for those who want an amazing cup of coffee without fuss. But the amazing thing is that the power of the internet means that we can take our artisanal produce and make it available to you as well. We can roast and grind your coffee to be delivered straight to your home or workplace for you to enjoy whenever you want to and however you want to. Sugar? Milk? Raspberry syrup? (yes that's happened!) Go for it!

We also think that coffee can be a force for good. That's why money from every bag of coffee that we sell will be given to grassroots initiatives so that your daily treat can make a real difference.

Thank you for supporting us. If you have any questions/comments/GIF-based banter then please follow us on Twitter @CasualsCoffee or email us at casualscoffee AT