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Montebonito (Decaf)

Montebonito (Decaf)

Coffee by the Casuals
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Process: Sugarcane Decaf

Tasting Notes: Plums, peaches, and caramel

Suitable for: Espresso and Filter (Medium Roast)

This Colombian is nothing like any other decaf coffee out there. There are deep notes of plum and peach, with a sweet caramel finish. It's a proper speciality decaf coffee, and we think you'll love it. 

This is a coffee grown by a collective of smallholder farms within the Caldas region of Columbia. The process used to decaffeinate this bean is traditional to Columbia, and known as "Sugarcane" processing. The abundance of Sugarcane means that Ethyl Acetate can be created in abundance. Some have concerns over "chemical" processing of their coffee, but this is naturally occurring, through the fermentation of sugarcane molasses.

This solvent (technical term and would apply equally to Water in Water Decafs equally) is environmentally friendly as the coffee is processed at origin, before being exported. Not only that but it just tastes better than the alternative methods. Seriously, Columbian decafs are some of the best around!

There's a lovely weaving of sweet fruits over a silky caramel background that pulls this coffee together. Its a brilliant coffee to keep on hand for those of us who want a brew later in the day, but also love their sleep. Have you cake and eat it too!