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Colombia El Carmen (Final Bag)

Colombia El Carmen (Final Bag)

Coffee by the Casuals
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Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Brown Sugar (Filter) Orange and Caramel (Espresso)

Suitable for: Espresso and Filter (Medium Roast)

Coffee from three farms in the San Lorenzo municipality of Nariño, Colombia combine for this microlot. As I sit with a mug of a cooling V60 I'm struck by the juiciness of this coffee and the pleasant sweetness that lingers long after taking a sip. 

Brewed as a filter coffee you'll be greeted by the rounded taste of a perfectly ripe red apple, with a touch of light brown sugar. A tasty cup is easily achieved with little effort, and with a V60 I would recommend the usual ratio of 10g of coffee to 170g of water. 

As espresso the sweetness is accentuated, and you will taste a gentle orange caramel instead as the acidity gives way to deeper flavours. Pull your shot slightly on the short side for best results: 18g in and 32g out works for me. 

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