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Coffee for Palestine

Coffee for Palestine

Coffee by the Casuals
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[We have now retired this initiative. Thank you for all of those who supported it. We'll post soon with details of how much we raised and to whom we have donated.]

The two of us have watched events unfold in the Middle East, and we share in the disgust, fear, and hopelessness that is being felt across the world because of the plight of the Palestinian people. 

Our small gesture is that we offer this coffee for sale with the promise that £1.00 from every 250g bag, £2 from every 500g bag, and £4 from every 1kg bag will go to a charity that will aid and assist the huge numbers of displaced, injured and bereaved people of Palestine. It is our hugely popular, direct-trade Bom Jesus. Nothing is different, except that when you choose to buy this you choose to do A Good Thing for a population that desperately needs it. I hope you'll understand that no discount codes work for this particular coffee.

We will offer this for the next month (that is, until 16th June 2021) and then we'll tot up the donations and send them to an as-yet-unchosen charity. I (Gareth) promise that it will be a charity that promises to utilise the funds to the greatest extent possible directly for the benefit of the Palestinian people who are suffering right now. We will post on our website and social media the name of the chosen charity as soon as we have made a decision, and the sum donated will also be made public in due course.

If you choose to buy this, thank you. And now, a little reminder about the coffee:

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, demerara sugar, red berries

Suitable for: Espresso and Filter (Medium Roast)

SCA Score: 85

We're really proud to tick off one of our big goals when we started roasting, because this is our first direct trade coffee, courtesy of Calum Maciel Brough of Cals Coffee. 

Fazenda Bom Jesus is located in Cristais Paulistas in the Alta Mogiana Region. Producers Gabriel and Flavia Lancha Oliveira ensure that they support the social and economic development of the local community. Your purchase of this coffee directly supports those initiatives. 

This is coffee is a medium roast. You're going to get milk chocolate and demerara sugar. It makes a classic Brazilian espresso that we love. It cuts through milk wonderfully and reminds of high quality milk chocolate, and it will give you shot after shot of enjoyment. 

When we first listed this coffee we said it was espresso through and through, but we were wrong. It's a brilliant easy-drinker of a filter coffee, too. One of our most frequent customers recently tagged us on Instagram and said it might well be the best cup he's ever had. High praise indeed! Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

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