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Making a difference, one sip at a time - our promise

Calvin and I spoke a little earlier about what we want from our business. We quickly agreed that we want to use our coffee to do good. So, in the week when it seems we will finally get the roastery in a position to begin production, I wanted to set out our hopes and our plan of action.

Profit, with a purpose

Both of us agreed that we don't want our company to be purely about squeezing every last ounce of profit out the supply chain and pocketing it. In time we will look up the supply chain to the most important contributors to our business - the farmers and farm owners across the Americas, Africa, and Asia. But, for now, our small scale prevents us from doing anything meaningful in that regard and so we put that on the list of plans for the future.

But what is abundantly clear now, more than ever before, is that we cannot rely upon central government (of any political stripe) to make our world better and more equitable. The money simply does not flow down quickly enough, and there is so much wasted in the process of "consultation" and gate-keeping that projects that need cash like we need air to breathe simply die on the drawing board. That is especially true for our little part of the world: Walsall. 

Our promise

And so, we make a promise today. We will put money in the pot of a small, local cause or project for every single bag of coffee that you buy from us. As with any start-up we are likely months or years from profitability, but we will start contributing from the very first bag that we sell and we will continue right until the very last.

We have chosen to contribute locally. That doesn't mean that we'll only help those within a couple of miles of Bescot Stadium, but we'll be sensible about it. We want to make the biggest direct impact for the money we pass on, and we think this is the best way to go about it. We'll post periodical updates to let you know where the money has been donated and what it will support.

So, to each and every one of you who decides to buy from us - thank you. Every sip that you take from a mug of one of our coffees will be contributing to a small project that needs help. We hope it makes your brew that little bit sweeter. 

I hope the next time I write a blog I'll be telling you we're ready to go. We hope you'll support us when we finally get started.

Until then, keep it casual!

PS - This was in no small part inspired by Immy Kaur and her team at Civic Square in Birmingham. You may remember the last iteration, which was Impact Hub. A couple of weeks ago they held the fantastic Re_ Festival, which was six days of the most thought-provoking sessions available anywhere. To learn more about their work please click here, and to put your money to work to do good then please consider contributing to these causes today by clicking here